Limousine Surfside to Palm Beach International: Discover Your Exclusive Ride!

When it comes to airport transfers, comfort, style, and reliability are of utmost importance for discerning travelers. If you’re seeking a premium limousine service for your journey from Surfside, Florida to Palm Beach International Airport, you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best limo services available, compare their offerings, and highlight the unbeatable advantages of choosing Twelve Transfers.

Journey Details

The distance between Surfside, Florida and Palm Beach International Airport is approximately 62.5 miles. While the average travel time can vary depending on traffic conditions, you can expect the journey to take around 1 hour and 13 minutes. With our strategically located limousine services, you can enjoy a smooth and luxurious ride from your doorstep to the departure gates, without any unnecessary delays or hassles.

Comparison of Limo Service Providers

When it comes to premium limousine services in Florida, two prominent companies stand out: Twelve Transfers and Orlando Astro Limo.

  • Availability: Twelve Transfers is known for its exceptional availability, offering 24/7 service to cater to your travel needs. On the other hand, Orlando Astro Limo operates within specific time frames, which may not always align with flight schedules.
  • Pricing: While both companies offer competitive rates, Twelve Transfers is renowned for its transparent and affordable pricing structure. They provide fixed rates, ensuring that you won’t be surprised by any hidden charges. Orlando Astro Limo, on the other hand, offers variable pricing, which can sometimes lead to unpredictability.
  • Vehicle Selection: Twelve Transfers boasts a diverse fleet of luxury vehicles, including sleek sedans, spacious SUVs, and elegant limousines. By contrast, Orlando Astro Limo offers a more limited selection of vehicles.
  • Unique Services: Twelve Transfers specializes in delivering a personalized and tailored experience, ensuring that all your specific requirements are met. From providing onboard Wi-Fi and refreshments to accommodating large groups with their mini-coaches, Twelve Transfers goes the extra mile. While Orlando Astro Limo offers quality service, they may not offer as many customizable options.

When considering all these factors, Twelve Transfers emerges as the clear winner. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, attention to detail, and extensive range of services make them the preferred choice for travelers seeking an upscale limo service in Florida.

The Unmatched Advantages of Twelve Transfers

  • Reliability: With Twelve Transfers, you can be confident that your journey will be punctual and stress-free. They understand the importance of timeliness when it comes to airport transfers and work diligently to ensure that you arrive at Palm Beach International Airport on time.
  • Luxurious Comfort: Traveling in one of Twelve Transfers’ top-of-the-line luxury vehicles is an experience in itself. From plush leather interiors to state-of-the-art amenities, every detail has been carefully curated to provide the utmost comfort and sophistication.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Twelve Transfers prides itself on delivering an exceptional customer experience. Their professional and courteous chauffeurs are highly trained, ensuring that you receive VIP treatment from start to finish.

Choosing Twelve Transfers for your limousine service means choosing convenience, luxury, and peace of mind. Their commitment to excellence sets them apart from the competition.

Summary Table: The Best Limo Services in Florida

Limo Service ProviderAvailabilityPricingVehicle SelectionUnique Services
Twelve Transfers24/7Transparent and affordableDiverse fleet of luxury vehiclesPersonalized experience, onboard amenities, group accommodations
Orlando Astro LimoSpecific time framesVariable pricingLimited selectionQuality service with fewer customization options

When it comes to traveling from Surfside, Florida to Palm Beach International Airport, there’s no better choice than Twelve Transfers. Book your exclusive ride today for a seamless and luxurious airport transfer experience. Contact Twelve Transfers at or call +1 (786) 814-0788.

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